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shirobara's Journal

The white rose marks my leave..

Shirobara Icons
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pkstar's icon journal.

Icon Usage Rules!;

1) If you want an icon, take the damn thing. That's what they're THERE for.

2) If you TAKE an icon, I ask that you _please_ reply to this post, telling me which one(s) you took; I have now numbered them for your convinence.

3) In the image description for your livejournal, or other such journal (greatestjournal, deadjournal, etc), please credit me. shirobara, shirobara icons, and pkstar(the creator's journal) are all acceptable forms of credit. If you are using a journal other than livejournal, please make sure to include "lj" in your credit, so they know i'm still here on livejournal.

4) Finally; Please don't steal. Stealing is using without crediting. I know a lot of people do this, and really.. What matters to me most is that you comment if you're taking it. I'm a feedback whore. So if you could pass me on to your friends, that gets me more feedback, then I get less pissy about everything else. >_> Gonna shut up now.

Request/Dedication Rules!;

1) Dedications are Dedications. You don't ask for Dedications, you ask for Requests. I do Dedications because the person who i've deciated it to has either inspired me into watching that series, listening to the song, or just overall had something to do with why I made that icon.

2) I'll gladly consider any requests, but reserve the right to refuse one at any time. I will not, however, drop a request that I have already accepted.

3) Ask nicely! If you say "hey, yo, bizatch, I want this here thang for mah g money," I will stare at you like you are insane for about six hours. That will be a waste ot my time, and yours.

4)Please don't request more than one thing at a time. I have a life, you know. :)